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Allegiant by Veronica Roth (minor spoilers review)



Allegiant is the final book in the Divergent trilogy by Veronica Roth. In the concluding novel Tris and Tobias have to deal with the fallout from the information in the video provided by Tris’ ancestor. Chicago is now a faction-less city led by Tobias’ mother, Evelyn and she desperately tries to maintain her grip on a city that longs to return to the faction system. Determined to escape the city wall and see what lies outside the city, Tris and Tobias lead a group to seek answers but once they reach the outside they instead find more questions and that there is more to the situation than what they were first told. As they delve deeper into this new world, they learn that they will have to put everything on the line to prevent an already perilous situation from getting worse.

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Champions: At Fires End by Charlotte Jain (Review)



The Titans and the Olympians have an unsteady truce that is threatening to spill out into a war played out in the mortal world. Teens April and Kyle have been gifted with the elements of fire and water, the offspring of the gods Themis and Hermes respectively and are the others respective champion to win this war. All up there are four champions and it is up to April and Kyle to not only locate the remaining two individuals but to also train them as well as the war approaches. Loyalties and friendships become tested as they begin to realize what the ultimate showdown will involve and it becomes a race against time to not only stay alive but to end a full scale war between the Titans and the Olympians.

I wasn’t too sure what to expect for this book since I had initially won it as part of a goodreads giveaway but since I love mythology, particularly Greek I thought this would be something that I would enjoy and I did end up enjoying it. I was intrigued by how the elemental system worked since I love movies and books that involve people having powers and the relationship that the characters had to the Olympians and the Titans. Overall I would recommend giving this series a go and I’m definitely going to track down the sequel at some point.

Rogue One: A Star Wars Story (2016) [minor spoilers review]



Rogue One tells the story of how the Rebel Alliance came into possession of the stolen plans for the Death Star in A New Hope. Reluctant hero Jyn Erso finds herself up against the might of the Empire when the Rebels free her from being sent to a prison camp, hoping to use her family connection to the Empire to find out about secret plans from an Imperial defector. She returns to her mentor Saw, the man who raised her to seek his help and receives a message from her father. His message gives her the strength to do the seemingly impossible, fight back against the Empire and give the rebellion hope.

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The Thousandth Floor by Katharine McGee (Review)




The tower is a thousandth floor building in New York in the 22nd Century, the higher up you live, the more wealth and social status you have. For Avery Fuller, life couldn’t be any more perfect for her. She lives on the thousandth floor, she’s beautiful, smart and the most popular girl at her exclusive school. There is one aspect of Avery’s life that is not perfect and that is her love life, she could have any guy that she wanted but the one person that she wants to be with most of all, is the one person that she can’t have. In addition to Avery’s story, we are also introduced to a multitude of characters who range from the elite top floors all the way to the 32nd floor and all who have their own secrets and dramas that bring this group of different individuals together in tragic circumstances.

This book has been compared to Gossip Girl, which is actually a show I’ve only seen the pilot of but what I do know about the show would fit the comparison. This is a very soap-operish novel, told in a multi-pov alternating chapters.  I normally don’t go for these type of novels but I was intrigued by all the positive reviews I had been hearing about this book and also by the futuristic sci-fi setting.

I ended up really enjoying this and I think if you are a fan of shows like Gossip Girl, there’s a good chance that you would like this one as well. Based on where this book finished, I’m definitely intrigued to check out the sequel.

Rebecca by Daphne du Maurier



Rebecca tells the story of a young woman in her early twenties, who falls in love with a wealthy older man while she is working as a companion in Monte Carlo. She becomes captivated by this mysterious man, Maxim de Winter, who owns a well known property called Manderely and is suffering from the loss of his first wife Rebecca. As Maxim begins to open up to her, it isn’t long before he proposes to her and she becomes the second Mrs. de Winter and takes her to live in Manderely. Her illusions of being in love and in a happy marriage quickly change as the months go on and she becomes haunted by the constant presence of Rebecca, afraid that she will never live up to the woman who bore the name Mrs. de Winter first; however as she begins to learn more about Maxim’s angelic first wife, she soon begins to find that not everything is as it seems and she learns a terrible secret that could destroy them all.

I’m going to be perfectly honest here and say that I am not the biggest fan of this book. I know that this is considered to be a well loved classic but I did not get the love for it. I thought it was well written but I didn’t care about the plot or the characters and I was struggling for the first 100 pages to get through it that I nearly considered DNF’ing this book, which is something I never do because I always have to finish a book regardless of how bad it is which tells you something of what I thought of those 100 pages.

I will say that the second half of the book was better than the first, when we get to the mystery part of the novel and we learn about Maxim’s wife Rebecca and the circumstances surrounding her death. I did think there was more to her death than we were first told about so that revelation wasn’t completely a surprise for me and the story did take a number of twists but since I was finding it hard to connect to these characters I really didn’t care how the revelations impacted them. I know this book was set in a different era but I didn’t like the character of the second Mrs. de Winter, all she cared about was how much everyone loved Rebecca and that it should be about her now, she really wasn’t likeable and especially her reaction to the truth, I get that she wouldn’t have had much choice considering her position but I thought we would get some kind of reaction other than it being about herself.

I was so glad this book was a library book so I can say I’ve read it now and return it, at the least it’s another book I’ve read out of the 1001 books to read before you die, hopefully the next classic I read will be better.

Empire of Storms by Sarah J. Maas (minor spoilers review)



Empire of Storms is the penultimate fifth book in the six part popular young adult series Throne of Glass by Sarah J. Maas. In this book Aelin continues on her quest to reclaim her rightful throne in Terrasen but finds her path blocked by those who think her past as an assassin doesn’t make her worthy to be Queen. To prove her worth, she needs to find allies and build an army so that she can take on Erawan by finding the last two wyrdkeys that she needs to be able to permanently destroy him and the Valg who have infiltrated their world. As she continues down her path,  she begins to fully realise the plan that her ancestors set in motion for her to take on this very task and she must be willing to put herself on the line so that those whom she loves can secure a brighter future in her homeland.

I know this book has received mixed reviews but I was cautiously optimistic since I have loved every one of the previous Throne of Glass series. Going into this story I was spoiled for the notable absence of Chaol, which I think is one of the reasons a lot of people weren’t too keen on this story but to be honest Chaol really annoyed me in Queen of Shadows so I didn’t miss him here. I can safely say that despite the somewhat lukewarm reception to this book, I absolutely loved it. It’s not my favourite of the series, which I think at this point that honour goes to Heir of Fire but the book kept me engaged and I wanted to keep finding out how the story unravelled and how we got to the point in the opening prologue.

There was plenty of drama, intrigue, romance, action and adventure and all the characters got their moment to shine. I’m going to be sad once the sixth book is out and this series is over, I’ve binge read this series over the course of the past year or so and it is now one of my favourite series next to Harry Potter. If you haven’t read the Throne of Glass series I highly recommend it, for me the hype is well deserved.


ALADDIN (Musical Review)

MEDIA: Stage Musical

RATING: 10/10


This past Saturday my mum and I went to see Aladdin the Musical, which is currently playing at the Capitol Theatre in Sydney.

Aladdin was simply breathtaking and was worth every cent spent on the ticket. The detail and effort put into the show showed through the performances by the actors and the set design and costumes. You really could believe you were in this world and I can’t fault this production, I had so much fun watching this show and it did not feel like two hours had passed.

The highlight of the show for me would have to be the Genie, played by Michael James Scott. He stole the show with his larger than life performance and honestly I would have watched a two hour show with just the Genie, he was that amazing. Even though no one can replace Robin Williams’ as the Genie, he came pretty close with his performance.

Another shoutout has to go to the lead character of the show, Aladdin himself, who is played by Ainsley Melham (random fact – Ainsley Melhalm comes from my hometown and I was actually in a local production of Barnum back in 2004 with him, so totally a claim to fame moment :)). As the title character, Ainsley carries the show and gives a solid performance in the role.

Overall I would definitely recommend seeing Aladdin, which is scheduled to play at the Capitol until March before heading on tour.

First Post and Currently Reading

Hello and welcome to my first post on this brand new blog. This is probably my third or fourth attempt at maintaining a blog but I want an outlet to express my thoughts and opinions on the various books, movies and tv shows that I love, as well as to show my latest purchases relating to those aforementioned. I’ve tried to maintain a youtube channel but after two months I’ve decided that I want a break from youtube and that I want to try and make a return to blogging and to do that I’m going to launch a new blog.

So this is ramblingsofafangirl. My name is Tracy and hopefully this will be the blog that will last more than a couple of months. Let’s see if I’ll get to that coveted one year blog anniversary…December 8 2017.

To kick off this blog I thought that I would do a what I’m currently reading post?


Empire Magazine (November 2016): I’m a bit behind in regards to reading Empire Magazine, I already have December’s issue waiting to be read so I have to really get a move on this but I always enjoy flipping through Empire and reading the various reviews and movie articles.

The Flash Volume 5 – History Lessons (New 52): I’ve been really enjoying making my way through the Flash New 52 graphic novels and I’ve read the first part so far and I can see that this one is going to be no exception. I enjoyed reading the Flash and Green Lantern team up and I’m looking forward to seeing where the rest of the story is going to go.

Empire of Storms by Sarah J. Maas: I started this book at the beginning of November and I have about 200 pages left and I’ve been really enjoying this. I think this will end up being a five star read for me based on what I’ve read so far but hopefully I will be able to finish it this weekend.


Rebecca by Daphne du Maurier: I borrowed this book from the library and truthfully I’m glad it was a library book because I’m struggling to get through this. I’m on page 61 and so far nothing is enticing me to continue to read the story but I will finish this since I can’t DNF books once I start them. I know this is considered to be a classic and it’s one of the books featured on 1001 books you must read before you die but I don’t know…something isn’t clicking with this book for me.

Allegiant by Veronica Roth: I thought it was high time that I finished off this trilogy since I am interested in checking out Veronica Roth’s new book that comes out next month. I know a lot of people hate this book and initially I was waiting until the second part of the third movie came out but since we’re not getting that anytime soon, I decided that now would be the right time to read it. I also will be reading Four once I finish this but I don’t currently have a copy of that but I will hopefully be picking it up shortly.

Anna and the French Kiss by Stephanie Perkins: This was a book that was on my November TBR but I ended up starting it at the beginning of the month since I’m reading quite a few long and dark books I wanted something cute and fluffy to balance that. I’ve only read a couple of chapters but I think this is going to be a quick, easy and fun read.

The Thousandth Floor by Katherine McGee: I’ve started reading this one because I’m participating in the Summer Reading Challenge on the Aussie Readers goodreads group. I’m taking part in the easy challenge, which is to read a rainbow. This book is my pick for the colour yellow. So far I’m about 50 pages in and I’m intrigued to see where the story goes, I know this is compared to Gossip Girl  a lot (which is a show I’ve only seen the pilot episode for, one day I will go back and watch it all the way through) and so far it is very ‘soapy’ for lack of a better word but I’m also enjoying the futuristic setting.


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