Anna feels that she has everything going well for; she has a great job at a movie theatre, her crush may like her and she has a great best friend. All of these things are shaping up to make her senior year a particularly memorable one but then her dad decides that she needs a change of scenery and new experiences and he sends her to Paris for her senior year.  Despite knowing what a great opportunity this is, Anna is determined to resent it and wishes she were back home where everything was familiar and safe but this changes when she lays her eyes on the extremely good looking Etienne St. Clair and finds herself falling for him. To make things complicated one of her new friends is also in love with him and he already has a long term girlfriend, she needs to work out where she stands with the new guy in her life and see if she can work out a balance where they can be good friends but she knows deep down that she wants more.

This has been a book I’ve been wanting to read since I first started watching booktube videos a few years ago. I don’t normally read contemporary but after hearing nothing but positive things about this book series, I decided to finally pick up the first book.

Let me just say that the hype is well deserved. This book just made ms so happy and I loved the progression of the relationship between Anna and St. Clair, I loved the Parisian setting and I also loved all the movie references. I will definitely be continuing on with the series.