The Titans and the Olympians have an unsteady truce that is threatening to spill out into a war played out in the mortal world. Teens April and Kyle have been gifted with the elements of fire and water, the offspring of the gods Themis and Hermes respectively and are the others respective champion to win this war. All up there are four champions and it is up to April and Kyle to not only locate the remaining two individuals but to also train them as well as the war approaches. Loyalties and friendships become tested as they begin to realize what the ultimate showdown will involve and it becomes a race against time to not only stay alive but to end a full scale war between the Titans and the Olympians.

I wasn’t too sure what to expect for this book since I had initially won it as part of a goodreads giveaway but since I love mythology, particularly Greek I thought this would be something that I would enjoy and I did end up enjoying it. I was intrigued by how the elemental system worked since I love movies and books that involve people having powers and the relationship that the characters had to the Olympians and the Titans. Overall I would recommend giving this series a go and I’m definitely going to track down the sequel at some point.