The tower is a thousandth floor building in New York in the 22nd Century, the higher up you live, the more wealth and social status you have. For Avery Fuller, life couldn’t be any more perfect for her. She lives on the thousandth floor, she’s beautiful, smart and the most popular girl at her exclusive school. There is one aspect of Avery’s life that is not perfect and that is her love life, she could have any guy that she wanted but the one person that she wants to be with most of all, is the one person that she can’t have. In addition to Avery’s story, we are also introduced to a multitude of characters who range from the elite top floors all the way to the 32nd floor and all who have their own secrets and dramas that bring this group of different individuals together in tragic circumstances.

This book has been compared to Gossip Girl, which is actually a show I’ve only seen the pilot of but what I do know about the show would fit the comparison. This is a very soap-operish novel, told in a multi-pov alternating chapters.  I normally don’t go for these type of novels but I was intrigued by all the positive reviews I had been hearing about this book and also by the futuristic sci-fi setting.

I ended up really enjoying this and I think if you are a fan of shows like Gossip Girl, there’s a good chance that you would like this one as well. Based on where this book finished, I’m definitely intrigued to check out the sequel.