MEDIA: Stage Musical

RATING: 10/10


This past Saturday my mum and I went to see Aladdin the Musical, which is currently playing at the Capitol Theatre in Sydney.

Aladdin was simply breathtaking and was worth every cent spent on the ticket. The detail and effort put into the show showed through the performances by the actors and the set design and costumes. You really could believe you were in this world and I can’t fault this production, I had so much fun watching this show and it did not feel like two hours had passed.

The highlight of the show for me would have to be the Genie, played by Michael James Scott. He stole the show with his larger than life performance and honestly I would have watched a two hour show with just the Genie, he was that amazing. Even though no one can replace Robin Williams’ as the Genie, he came pretty close with his performance.

Another shoutout has to go to the lead character of the show, Aladdin himself, who is played by Ainsley Melham (random fact – Ainsley Melhalm comes from my hometown and I was actually in a local production of Barnum back in 2004 with him, so totally a claim to fame moment :)). As the title character, Ainsley carries the show and gives a solid performance in the role.

Overall I would definitely recommend seeing Aladdin, which is scheduled to play at the Capitol until March before heading on tour.